Connected Families in Tramore

Tramore is a small town and seaside resort in the parish of Drumcannon, barony of Middle Third and Gaultiere in South County Waterford. While researching the Winters of Waterford it was found that a number of families in the Tramore area were connected by marriage.

In many cases these connections were traced back to a marriage of an O'Brien and a Walsh, families 16 and 22 below. Others are from marriages of members of the Winter family. It is interesting to note that the O'Brien, Walsh and Winter families have now died out in Tramore.

  1. Family of Thomas Angleton and Margaret from Cork
  2. Family of Thomas Doyle from Cork
  3. Family of William Marshall and Ellen from Cork

The above three families are connected through a Winter marriage.

  1. Family of Michael Cahill and Ann Evans
  2. Family of Robert Chambers
  3. Family of Nicholas Connors
  4. Family of James Cuddihy
  5. Family of John Doyle
  6. Family of Nicholas Fitzgerald and Johanna Foley
  7. Family of Peter Fitzgerald Catherine Nowlan
  8. Family of Martin Hayden and Mary
  9. Family of William Hayden and Elizabeth Abbott
  10. Family of James Keoghan
  11. Family of Edmond Morrissey
  12. Family of Thomas Murphy
  13. Family of O'Brien (John and Thomas)
  14. Family of John Phelan and Bridget Crotty
  15. Family of John Phelan and Mary Power
  16. Family of Robert Phelan and Margaret Shanahan
  17. Family of Michael Reddy and Mary McGrath
  18. Family of George Robinson
  19. Family of Edmund Walsh

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